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Booklove Fest, A Bookfair Company
Bring the excitement of the Book & Puppet Co. bookstore and puppet theater to your school or organization, and earn more on your bookfair this year.
Why do schools, daycares, and community organizations choose Booklove Fest? It's simple:
  • Ample quantities of the highest quality books, in all categories and price ranges, with the book-selection customized to your group's needs;
  • Toys, cards, and books for children and adults;
  • Skilled delivery, set-up, and break-down;
  • Assistance with inventory and cash management;
  • Free booktalk or storyhour;
  • Special Orders processed after the fest, through Book & Puppet Company
  • Book Premiums redeemable for any books in print, through Book & Puppet Company
Why do organizations earn the most with us?
  • Your families, teachers, and administrators will buy more books at our fairs. We offer the best in current and classic children's books and toys as well as items for adults!
  • The healthy premium you'll earn on sales is only the beginning. We also offer a direct profit-boosting program: our Donation Incentive Plan.

How does the Profit Plan work?
First, here's our generous premium schedule:
On Bookfair Sales of You Earn Book Premium Or Cash+Books Or Cash
$10,000-Up 35% 30%=15%+15% 25%
$2,000-10,000 30% 25%=15%+10% 20%
Up to $2,000 25% 20%=10%+10% 15%

How does our Donation Incentive Plan work?
Our Donation Incentive Plan increases your book profits. You maintain a Donations Table, stocked with books your librarian chooses from the fair to be purchased by parents and donated to your library. We provide:
  • Booklove Bucks: incentives for use as rewards for donations.
    • Hardcover donations earn parents a $3 Booklove Buck.
    • Paperback donations earn parents a $1 Booklove Buck.
    • Booklove Bucks are redeemable onsite at the fest
  • Donor Bookplates  We provide bookplates to honor donors and their children

How Will Your Next Bookfair Work?
At a typical three-day fair you should expect:
  • Projected Sales: $2,000 to $30,000;
  • Space Needed: 5 to 40 tables in a gym, library or multipurpose room;
  • Sales Staff: Your fair coordinator and 3 to 50 parent volunteers;
  • Set-Up/Break-Down Staff: our crew, your coordinator, 2 to 20 parent volunteers.

To assist you in locating volunteers, we provide a special Fest Volunteer Salary: $2 per hour in Booklove Bucks, redeemable in books at the fair.
Our special pre-fair promotional program guarantees the highest possible level of family participation. It includes:
  • Customized Booklove Fest Landing Page for remote, online viewing;
  • Booklove Fest Newsletter, to be sent home with children one week before the fair;
  • Booklove Fest Posters;
  • Booklove Fest Wish Lists, for children to fill in, so their parents know which books they'd like.
To boost teacher participation, we offer Faculty Book Request Forms, for teachers to request books they'd like to see at the fest, in advance.


What Will You Need To Do?
1. Send our our Faculty Book Request Forms 2 months before the fair, returning them to us 1 month before the fest.

2. Put up the Booklove Fest Posters 2 weeks before the fair.

3. Send our Booklove Fest Newsletter home with students 1 week before the fair.

4. Provide all tables agreed upon, and have them set up before we arrive.

5. Allow us at least 2 hours to set up the book display, prior to the opening of the fair. If the fair is 16 tables or more, we'll require more time. We need 2 volunteers for each 8 tables to assist in this work.

6. Most Important: Provide adequate assistance during sales hours. This means 2 volunteers per 8 tables. During class visits this means 5 volunteers per 8 tables.

7. Maintain a Donations Table, with the assistance of a librarian or teacher, featuring books your organization would like to have purchased and donated by parents.

8. Hold some special activity focusing (school) attention on the fair. This might be a series of class visits so the students can compile Booklove Fest Wish-Lists, or an evening party featuring a booktalk or storyhour. We supply free storytellers or booktalkers upon advance request.

9. Allow us at least 2 hours to break down the book display, after the fair. If the fest is 16 tables or more, we need more time. We'll need 2 assistants per 8 tables.

For more information, call Andy at (484) 541-5379 or email