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Throughout the galaxy, comedy fans mourn the destruction caused by the Thriklop virus, which destroys its victims' capacity to enjoy humor.

That is why I decided to found my intergalactic franchise, Bukanpupit, Laughing on the Edge of the Void.

Fortunately, the antics and cultural artifacts of inhabitants of your planet continue to amuse those still capable of appreciating the hilarious.

Please join us in celebrating all that is funny about the culture of Earthlings–but hurry, because soon it may be too late.  

Boingustopheles is a robot of means, known for philanthropic acts, and has an Advanced Degree in Comedy Culture from Mikmukdukporp University. The Bukanpupit franchise is a labor of love for Boingustopheles.


Andy Laties 
A bookstore is a place where people who love to read can develop friendships, where relationships and families can bloom.

People come into a bookstore and they get to know their neighbors, maybe find themselves at the regular story hour sitting next to someone they never met before.

So a bookstore can be a way in which a community learns about itself, in which a community engages with itself.  

Andy Laties is an award-winning bookseller. His stores have included The Children's Bookstore, Chicago Children's Museum Store, The Eric Carle Museum Store, and Bank Street  Book Store. Andy is the author of "Rebel Bookseller: Why Indie Businesses Represent Everything You Want to Fight For -- From Free Speech to Buying Local to Building Community", published by Seven Stories Press.
Andy has a Masters of Science in International Community economic Development from Southern New Hampshire University.


Rebecca Migdal 
Humor, play, creativity and intelligence are all closely related. When we improvise we sharpen our wits, we find new ways of looking at the world, and new ways of solving problems–all while having fun! 

Educators have known since ancient times that young people learn best when they are playing. When children play, there’s no such thing as mistakes, no right or wrong answer. There’s only the flow of ideas, of expression and creativity. That’s why play is so important.   

Rebecca is an improvisational puppeteer, puppet-maker and teaching artist. She is also a published author and illustrator who specializes in graphic novels, humor and children’s books. Rebecca has a Master of Science degree in Communications from the New York Institute of Technology, and a Master of Fine Arts degree in English and Creative Writing from the State University of New York, Stony Brook. 


Nere Kapiteni 
I am a firm believer in unabashed self-expression. I love nothing more than to bring my elaborate characters to life, and I’m passionate about using my digital art skills to promote environmental awareness and positive social change. 

Nere Kapiteni is a digital media specialist, and a social media and event design artiste extraordinaire. She’s also a 3D animator and motion graphics designer, with a background in wildlife conservation. Nere has a Master of Fine Arts degree in Digital Animation from the New York Institute of Technology.